Maria-Brazil:  A virtual visit to Brazil! Music, background, recipes, fashion, and much more.


Brazzil Magazine:  Lots of background on the music as well as other aspects of current Brazilian affairs.


Jornal de Lavras:  Online news from Orlando’s hometown, in Portuguese.


Musicopia:  Founded in 1974, Musicopia gives the gift of music education (classical, jazz, popular, and multicultural music) to pre-schoolers, elementary and secondary school children throughout the Philadelphia area.


PennPAT:  Minas is on the roster of PennPAT, Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour. PennPAT offers support for touring engagements with PennPAT roster artists to qualified presenters in ten states.


Cyro Baptista:  Percussionist and Composer, has given his immense talents to multiple Minas recordings (such as Café Forte) and leads the multifaceted nationally touring group Beat the Donkey.


Karp Graphic Design:  This outstanding graphic design studio in Philadelphia has consistently designed beautiful artwork and CD covers for Minas.


Tom Giacabetti:  Outstanding guitarist and professor at Philadelphia's University of the Arts and Temple University.



Música Brasileira from A-Z:  Great site featuring the best Brazilian artists on the planet. An encyclopedia in itself.


Steve Beskrone:  Musician, bass player, and educator, Steve is featured in several Minas recordings.


David Hardl:  Keyboardist, educator, synthesist, Dave works between Philly and New York while teaching at The University of the Arts. His original music combines the freedom and improvisation of jazz with the sonic textures of electronic music and the structure of story-telling composition.


Jazz Bridge: A great organization promoting jazz in Philadelphia and New Jersey.


Conservatory of Musical Arts:  Serving South Jersey and Delaware Valley area musicians for three generations.


Exuberance:  Features the compositions of Matt Yapple, an old friend and a great muscian.


World Cafe Live: One of our favorite venues to perform in Philadelphia and Wilmington.


Live Connections: Breaking boundaries of classical music.


Connect Brazil: Everything you need to connect from the USA to Brazil.


Triboz:  Great venue in Rio dedicated to Bossa Nova and Brazilian jazz.


The Jazz Bar:  If you’re ever in Scotland, don’t miss this jazz venue.


Melomanie:  Baroque ensemble from Wilmington, DE.


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