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For over 25 years Minas has brought the music and culture of Brazil to schools and libraries in the form of programs incorporating live performance, multimedia, and hands-on participation as shown in this video. Students learn about the exciting and vibrant culture of Brazil. These programs have been enjoyed by over half a million youths.


Patricia King - School assembly Students - School assembly School Program

brazilian adventure school assembly and residency

Minas performs several famous examples of Brazilian music and presents historic and educational references exposing students to the culture of Brazil. Authentic Brazilian percussion instruments such as the surdo, tamborim, repinique, agogô, reco-reco, ganzá, pandeiro, and cuíca are demonstrated. Participation is enhanced by engaging students to sing in Portuguese (the language of Brazil), scat sing, and play Brazilian percussion (instruments supplied). This involves the entire audience. In residency programs dance is combined with music for the final performance, and multimedia devices are used to further promote learning. The Minas duo, Orlando Haddad and Patricia King, have over 25 years of educational experience and are on the rosters of Penn PAT, Musicopia, Young Audiences of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and Philadelphia Arts in Education Partnership (PAEP).

Available as a duo, trio, or full ensemble with added dancers.

To access Minas’ interactive educational module, Click here.

brazilian carnaval troupe

Brazilian Adventure (see above) is presented here by a troupe of musicians and dancers including lively samba drumming and beautiful carnaval costumes.

songwriting residency*

Minas visits schools and works with selected classes to teach students how to compose songs. Attention to meter, rhythm, form, and poetry are used to develop thematic material, adapted according to classroom interest.

* Minas explores principles of conflict-resolution in the classroom using the creative process to help identify topics, write lyrics, and music.


– The Episcopal Academy, Newtown Square, PA
– Shipley School, Bryn Mawr, PA
– Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, PA
– The George School, Newtown, PA
– Friends Central, Wynnewood, PA
– Lansdowne Friends, Lansdowne, PA
– Friends Select, Philadelphia, PA
– Germantown Friends, Philadelphia, PA
– Cedarbrook School, Wyncote, PA
– Westtown School, Westtown, PA
– Sacred Heart Academy, Bryn Mawr, PA
– Pennsbury School District, Bristol, PA (orchestral concert and workshop)
– Hundreds of programs presented at Philadelphia, Chester, and Camden Public and Catholic Schools




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