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Available from a trio up to a full orchestra augmented by horns, percussionists and optional costumed dancers, Minas will involve you and your entire party in the exciting and energetic pulse of its tropical sounds. Minas’ success in the private as well as corporate sectors has been consistent for over 25 years with its high standards of professionalism. The group’s image is sophisticated. You will not miss a beat in this vibrant event.

>> watch minas perform “mas que nada” on youtube

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Whether you’re looking for quiet or upbeat dance music, Minas’ versatile sounds and different combo options will fulfill all of the above. The duo, comprised of keyboard, guitar and vocals, features Orlando Haddad and Patricia King, the core of Minas. In addition you can choose “á la carte” options, adding a percussionist, and/or flute, saxophone, bass and drums, depending on the size and type of your affair. Costumed dancers are available upon request. Minas’ sophisticated music and tropical sounds will engage you and your guests providing either unobtrusive background music or festive entertainment, both of which will give your affair a unique atmosphere.

Minas has been performing for American audiences for over 25 years and has made Brazilian music accessible to its listeners through familiar songs such as “The Girl from Ipanema”, and recognizable dance beats. The group’s image is sophisticated and you will find its sound refreshing and upbeat.



The crowd moves like the undulating sea to the driving rhythms, the brassy horns, and thundering bass as dancers and singers in vibrant, colorful costumes lift the energy off the ground and transport the audience to the country of Brazil. Brazilian Carnaval with Minas is a thrilling, participatory event well suited to ballrooms of almost any size, as well as outdoor festivals and college venues. Each event features a full range of authentic Brazilian Carnaval repertoire and other dance music presented by costumed performers. By varying the number of musicians, drummers and dancers in the company, the size and scope of the Carnaval can be adjusted to fit a variety of venues, audiences and budgets. In every instance, the highest level of musicianship and professionalism are present to ensure an experience never to be forgotten. If you cannot get to Rio, a Minas Brazilian Carnaval Ball is the next best alternative.

>> watch minas on youtube perform from a duo to a full band

partial list of corporate clients

TV Guide
RJ Reynolds
Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Agency)
Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica)
Continental Airlines
Integrated Project Services, Inc. (IPS)
Graham Partners
Doctors Without Borders
Shire Pharmaceuticals



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