Beatles in Bossa
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Best Latin Jazz Album
CD/Double Vinyl

Beatles in Bossa

14 Beatles Songs Reimagined  with Brazilian Rhythms and Sunshine


CD/Double Vinyl

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“.,,more than anything else it is the sheer ingenuity of the invention that is packed into each song that will make your jaw drop. That the arrangements are first rate is only part of the wow-factor. Performances are consistently inventive and superbly captured on record. This is truly one for the ages – as if being a songbook of immortal Beatles music were not enough…! Even George Martin couldn’t have asked for more..." (Raul Da Gama, That Canadian Magazine)

“The resulting artistry is full of warmth and charisma, and you’ll be singing and dancing right along with them before you know it… On Minas’ Beatles in Bossa, there’s clearly a sense that life has returned and that there are sunny, optimistic, hopeful times ahead.” (Joe Ross, Roots Music Report) 

“The performances are full of charm and wonderfully played, resulting in a fascinating and entertaining fresh take on these familiar Beatles classics” (John Weinstock, Jazz and Blues Magazine)

"This is one of the best renditions of “Eleanor Rigby” I’ve heard. That’s followed by the most interesting song choice of the album, “Within You Without You…This version is nearly ten minutes long… and I would have enjoyed another ten minutes of it.” (Brief Notes on Jazz Releases, Michael Docherty’s Music Blog)  

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Beatles in Bossa 
Minas' 8th Full-length album

"We had such fun working on this project"... Orlando & Patricia


Samba, Bossa, Partido, Marcha, Afoxé, Frevo, Choro

Combined with Jazz, Blues and Rock


Here Comes The Sun And It's Alright

Blueazul Records

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