Minas. 40 Years of Music. North Meets South.

Minas blends north and south creating original music that is evocative and imaginative. Brazilian guitar and jazz piano. Male and female vocals. English and Portuguese poetry. Minas creates uplifting, subtle, and complex beauty that is transportive.

Announcing the 2023 reissue of our first album "Num Dia Azul" by the British label Mr. Bongo, on vinyl and CDs. More here

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Minas has dedicated itself to translating all the grace and beauty of Brazil for US audiences

The Brazilian Music Review, Chicago IL

Haddad and King are succeeding in bringing a new wave of Brazilian music to Philadelphia … the music is hot

Philadelphia Inquirer

Minas is more than a return to the sort of Brazilian music that enjoyed a brief burst of US popularity in the 1960s

The News and Observer, Raleigh, NC

I’m really impressed with the quality of your original compositions. They sound like classics already.

Randy Morse, “The Best of Brazil”, KZUM Lincoln NE

The wonder is that such percussion-based music can be so luxuriously relaxing. In Rio is like an aural massage.

David Hiltbrand, Philadelphia Inquirer

Symphony in Bossa takes Brazilian classics to a new height. It is unequivocally on top of my personal list as the best album of 2015!

Egídio Leitão, MúsicaBrasileira.Org

Congratulations!! This is your Magnum Opus...Your "Jazz Samba"... Your "Getz/Gilberto". Wow...I'm quite dazzled by it.

Bob Craig, WRTI Philadelphia

Even at its most racing tempo, In Rio maintains its cool; always urbane, sophisticated and contemporary.

Mary Armstrong, Philadelphia City Paper

O som delicado desse duo harmonioso e sensível é o fruto do amor e do virtuosismo dos dois seres maravilhosos que são Patrícia e Orlando. O Cascais Jazz Club teve a honra de receber o Duo Minas em 2019 inserido na Comemoração de 60 anos de Bossa-Nova e ansiamos por seu retorno.

Maria Viana, Cascais Jazz Club, Portugal

The delicate sound of this harmonious and sensitive duo is the fruit of love and virtuosity from these two wonderful beings, Patricia and Orlando. Cascais Jazz CLub had the honor to host Minas in 2019 as part of the celebration of 60 years of Bossa Nova... we're anxious for their return

Maria Viana, Cascais Jazz Club, Portugal


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