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Press Awards and Grants

» Indicated for 4 Grammy Awards – Symphony in Bossa
» Indicated for 3 Grammy Awards – Bossa Nova Day
» Dona Flor – Nominated for “Song of the Year” 2012, Connect Brazil, Chicago, IL

» State Days, Kennedy Center – Selected to represent Pennsylvania by Sen. Arlen Specter

» Best of Philly, Philadelphia Magazine

» Best Instrumentalist (Patricia), Festival da Canção Popular, Três Pontas, Minas Gerais, Brazil 

» Meet The Composer, Subito, Community Partners grants
» American Composers Forum
» Technical Assistant Grants, Pennsylvania Performing Arts On Tour
» Pew Grant through Musicopia

Television and Radio

» Emeril Live / Food Network, NY - Guest Artist
» On Canvas / PBS, WHYY-TV 12, Philadelphia, PA

» Friday Arts / PBS, WHYY-TV 12 - Featured Artist (along with Leonard Bernstein)
» Home Grown / PBS, WVIA TV with George Graham, Scranton, PA
» Yusuf and Friends / PBS, WUNC-TV, NC

» TV programs in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Belo Horizonte on Globo, Bandeirantes, TVE
» Fresh Air / Danny Miller, Terry Gross, NPR, WHYY Radio, Philadelphia, PA

» Radio Times / NPR, Marty Moss-Coane, Philadelphia, PA
» The Sounds of Brazil with Scott Adams, Chicago IL
» The Brazilian Hour with Sergio Mielniczenko (KPFK/PRI), Los Angeles, CA
» The Best of Brazil with Randy Morse, KZUM, Lincoln, NE
» Crossover / NPR, Jill Pasternak, WRTI Radio, Philadelphia, PA

» Voices of Jazz / NPR, Bob Craig, WRTI Radio, Philadelphia, PA
» XPoNential Music Festival / Live Broadcast WXPN Radio, Philadelphia, PA

» Gene Shay Folk Show / WXPN Radio, Philadelphia, PA
» Trem Azul with Milton Nascimento (Syndicated in Brazil)
» Interview with Legendary DJ Felix Grant, AM Radio, Washington DC
» Voice of America
» Minas CDs have been playing on public, commercial, and Internet radio throughout North America and abroad.

Press Quotes

“Symphony in Bossa takes Brazilian classics to a new height. It is unequivocally on top of my personal list as the best album of 2015!” –Egídio Leitão,  

“The wonder is that such percussion-based music can be so luxuriously relaxing. In Rio is like an aural massage.” –David Hiltbrand, Philadelphia Inquirer  

“Even at its most racing tempo, In Rio maintains its cool; always urbane, sophisticated and contemporary.” –Mary Armstrong, Philadelphia City Paper  

“Minas is more than a return to the sort of Brazilian music that enjoyed a brief burst of US popularity in the 1960s” –The News and Observer, Raleigh, NC  

“Haddad and King are succeeding in bringing a new wave of Brazilian music to Philadelphia … the music is hot” –The Philadelphia Inquirer  

“Minas has dedicated itself to translating all the grace and beauty of Brazil for US audiences” –The Brazilian Music Review, Chicago IL  

“Minas brings together a wealth of experience with the traditional Brazilian sound spiced with influences from jazz” –Egidio Leitao, Luna Café, Austin, TX

Radio Quotes

“Congratulations!! This is your Magnum Opus...Your "Jazz Samba"... Your "Getz/Gilberto". Wow...I'm quite dazzled by it.” –Bob Craig, WRTI Philadelphia  

“Quite delightful” –David Heymann, KKUP Santa Clara CA 

“Very pretty” –Suzanne Corley, “Tudo Bem”, WWOZ New Orleans 

“An excellent peace of work” –Chuck Elliott, WXPN Philadelphia 

“It’s your finest release yet. I’m really impressed with the quality of your original compositions. They sound like classics already… Congratulations on an outstanding album!” –Randy Morse, “The Best of Brazil”, KZUM Lincoln NE


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